Career Choises: The Architect’s Role in the Built Environment 

This morning Claire took part in a local primary school careers’ assembly to talk about working in the world of ‘DEC’ – Design, Engineering & Construction.  Claire participated in a ‘What’s my line?’ game with around 170 Year 5 and 6 pupils: they didn’t guess her career is as an architect!

Later smaller groups of pupils met with each volunteer to find out more about their career. The children were very keen to learn more about the role of the architect, to see technical drawings first hand, and to try her personal protective equipment (PPE) on.

Claire discussed the importance of working in teams with others such as structural engineers, services’ engineers, surveyors, ‘builders’, landscape architects, planners and interior designers. Claire had 10 minutes with each group to talk about her role, and to describe the wide variety of career opportunities in the built environment.

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