Do you have magic in your Medieval building?

A brilliant podcast to understand more about Medieval times is ‘Gone Medieval’ and today’s release was focused on apotropaic marks found in buildings of this era. Brian Hoggard, author of Magical House Protection: The Archaeology of Counter-Witchcraft, shares the different marks one might find in older buildings, but also up to the Twentieth Century. Click here to access the episode ‘How to Spot Magic in Medieval Buildings’.

The discussion touches on marks made during construction – such as masonry or carpenters’ marks – and then moves on to different ways in which buildings were marked in efforts to protect the inhabitants from unknown malevaolent ‘spirits’. Brian also offers some general guidance on how to spot a Medieval building, and underlines the fact that training your eye is important to success!

Towards the end of the interview Brian is asked his thoughts on how older buildings can be optimally protected – for example, through the listing process. His response is really interesting, and gives a big ‘shout-out’ to the SPAB who can offer a wealth of advice to owners of older buildings (they don’t have to be listed!).

Brian is schedule to carry out three talks in the early Autumn – visit his website here to see if you’re able to get to one.

You can visit Brian’s website, Apotropaios, here.