Site Visit to Manor Farm Barn, Frindsbury, Kent

Last week Claire joined the bi-annual repair course run by The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB). The delegates toured parts of Kent which included a visit to the recently repaired Grade I listed Manor Farm Barn, Frindsbury.  The barn’s timbers are dated via dendrochronology from 1403 and is connected to the Rochester Priory. It is known as the ‘Queen of Kentish Barns’. It is 14 bays long – the second longest in Kent.

In 2003, on the night of the national fire strike, arsonists attacked which left three bays completely destroyed. It has taken a group of driven individuals to see funds raised and its Phase I repair, carried out between December 2018 – June 2019.

The barn is a crown post aisle barn: an aisle is created by the arcade posts sub-dividing the width each side. The main frames are at every five meters. The three destroyed bays were reconstructed with green oak. In accordance to the SPAB philosophy only necessary repairs were carried out, done so in an honest manner in order this episode in the barn’s history is evident.