Last week Claire gave a presentation to property professionals in Henley, Oxfordshire, to share her thoughts on key material impacts coming up for #listed and #heritage buildings.
The message was three-fold:
1) embodied energy in existing buildings holds carbon value and requires justification for removal;
2) the wider #construction industry needs to arm itself with knowledge on heritage buildings (5.8 million relevant homes in the UK) for their safe and appropriate preparedness for retrofit – particularly those on the tools;
3) ensure every project in a conservation area or a listed building looks at its #context at the start of the proposals, to avoid the pitfalls of a narrow building-only focus.
Thanks to XP Surveys who hosted the event. XP Surveys provides measured survey services, including point cloud, photographic and 2D information, with bookings and quotes immediately available on-line.

XPSurveys Talk February 2024