Talk on Biophilic Design and Listed Buildings

Yesterday Claire gave a talk on Biophilic design at a beautiful listed barn location in the Chilterns as part of a Modern.Space event. Together with two other presenters – Petina Julius, of Julius Interior Design, and Michaela Springford of Blue Bamboo Design – Claire shared her thoughts on the inherent biophilic characteristics of listed buildings and how to create opportunities to enhance them. Claire summarised aspects of two recent projects where the external space of the listed building had been enhanced to improve the experience of the internal environment for the occupier. Claire reminded the audience how a more mindful relationship with natural environment –  keeping in touch with the seasons and the rhythm of daily sunlight patterns – can improve our well-being. We would like to thank Vanessa Hunt of Vanessa Hunt Consulting, and Will Hunt, Sculptor and Designer who organised the event and invited Claire to speak. Modern.Space is a networking event series which brings together experts working in the built environment to share their knowledge and experience.