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Heritage creates Business Benefit

If you own or are looking to purchase a heritage building, or listed building, you may be considering it legacy and its whole-life financial investment. The third annual Historic England report which surveys commercial occupiers of listed buildings was released at the end of November 2018. Click here to read more and access the report More than 500 businesses were surveyed and… Continue reading Heritage creates Business Benefit

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May is Local History Month

May 1st sees the start of Local History Month 2019. Behind this awareness drive into local history and community is the Historical Association who describes it as, '...a time to celebrate the stories and heritage of the past that is all around us'. Click here to find out more. Below are some resources to get you started… Continue reading May is Local History Month

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Heritage in Flames

The shocking images of the Notre Dame engulfed in flames on Monday is a reminder of how vulnerable even the most ‘solid’ of buildings is to fire. Initial reports released yesterday on the cause of the blaze indicate the line of investigation is expecting an electrical fault may be to blame (click here). It may… Continue reading Heritage in Flames

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When is a non-listed property still protected?

If your property is not listed with Historic England on the national list, or its character protected if in a Conservation Area it may still be a 'material consideration' of the planning process if it is locally listed. Each council holds its own list, and it wasn't until 2016 comprehensive guidance on the criteria councils… Continue reading When is a non-listed property still protected?

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Heritage Revival celebrates collaborative working at Henley Design Day 2019

Heritage Revival will be attending Henley Design Day for the second year running on the 23rd March. The RIBA organises this event to bring together local architects, and some relate services, in the Town Hall to be available for the general public to drop in and discuss their ideas or schemes. Click here for commentary… Continue reading Heritage Revival celebrates collaborative working at Henley Design Day 2019