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Heritage in Flames

The shocking images of the Notre Dame engulfed in flames on Monday is a reminder of how vulnerable even the most ‘solid’ of buildings is to fire. Initial reports released yesterday on the cause of the blaze indicate the line of investigation is expecting an electrical fault may be to blame (click here). It may… Continue reading Heritage in Flames

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Heritage and Health: how well is your building treating you?

Heritage and Health: How well is your building treating you? In the first of a series of blog posts we will be reviewing how your health is directly affected by your internal environment.


Campaign Results for Reduced VAT on Listed Buildings

The Listed Property Owners Club has been running a campaign during 2018 to reduce VAT on repairs and approved alterations to listed buildings down from 20% to 5%. Over 11,000 signatures were received which has meant the government has had to make a formal response - 100,000 signatures are required to oblige the government to debate… Continue reading Campaign Results for Reduced VAT on Listed Buildings